In order to track project progress as well as quality, we have devised a set of two metrics we will track throughout the life of the development process.

The first pertains to the project itself. We will keep track of our weekly risks and document their number as well as exposure. This will provide us a historical view of our project’s risk over time and allow us to gain insight as to when risks are most likely to occur.

The second metric we will track provides insight into the usability of our software itself. SUMI, or the Software Usability Measurement Inventory, is a method developed and standardized for use in industry by Dr. Jurek Kirakowski. It consists of a short survey given to test users at regular intervals that produces several quantitative measurements about the usability and performance of a system. We will implement this process because ease of use is one of the top non-functional requirements given to us by our sponsor. To be considered a success, our product must be a marked improvement in usability over the current aging system. Therefore, it is critical we closely track this attribute in order to ensure we are making progress towards this goal.