• Update website with everything accomplished last week (Kaleb)
  • Updated requirements document with role outlines (Kaleb/Kevin)
  • Completed and turned in project plan (Jarryd)
  • Process writeup (Jarryd/Bryon)
  • Process metric writeup – SUMI score (Kevin)


  • Requirements document finalized and confirmed by sponsor (Team)
  • Use cases outlined as per OpenUP (Team)
  • Design document draft (Team)
  • Domain model (Team)
  • Update website with accomplishments from this coming week (Kaleb)


  • Confirmation that the requirements document covers everything
  • Sponsor to gain an understanding of the process so that we can better work towards it


  • Misunderstanding the process we’ve chosen can lead to missed items
  • Researching the process more before taking steps will stop us from missing things
  • Midterms are coming up, as well as career fair, so our workload is high
  • Shifting the workload to people who are not going to career fair will allow roughly the same amount to be completed