• High level design (team)
  • Mid level design (team)
  • Started database model (team)
  • Sequence diagramming for alert (team)
  • Developed a roadmap for how to continue with OpenUP process (Kaleb)
  • Spent 2-3 hours researching MERN (individual)
  • Updated the website (Kaleb)
  • Created project schedule (team)


  • Finalize design models and complete design document (team)
  • Complete Sample application/research (team)
  • Understand the OpenUP process for elaboration (team)
  • Setup our environment (team)
  • Mid-term peer evaluation (individual)


  • Nothing this week


  • Learned of previous group using OpenUP experiencing analysis paralysis
    • Ensuring that we’re on the same page for the process
  • Knowledge gap
    • Follow through with tasks
  • Spending a lot of time doing process and not enough time doing individual work
    • Block out time for the project so we have to hit 8-12 hour mark
    • Create project schedule