• Database models complete (Team)
  • Created sample applications to understand the MEN part of MERN (Team)
    • MERN boilerplate comparison (Kevin)
    • Testing frameworks (Bryon)
    • Queueing libraries (Jarryd)
    • Mongo database models (Kaleb)
  • Reviewed OpenUP and came to an understanding of how we’re going to use it (Team)
  • Completed midterm peer assessments (Team)
  • Update website (Kaleb)
  • Update risk chart for this iteration (Team)


  • Begin first construction phase
    • Implement basic web server
    • Implement database models
    • Write unit tests around the database models
  • Begin creating some UI wireframes
  • Stretch goal: deploy the application to CloudFoundry


  • Nothing


  • Not good pacing at the start and we end up cramming at the end
    • Assigned cards are due on Thursday
  • Equal contributions from all team members (senioritis, other priorities)
    • Assigned cards, so that people are held accountable for the work they need to be doing
  • Overconfidence in our ability to get work done
    • First implementation cycle, no previous benchmarks to compare against.
    • Stretch goals separated from essential ones