• Implemented a web server (Kaleb)
  • Completed escalation policy model (Jarryd)
  • Add domain model, high level design, and four ups to website (Kaleb)
  • Worked on remaining models (Team)


  • Complete the user, group, and ticket models by Wednesday (Kaleb, Bryon, Kevin)
  • Outline wireframes for the UI (Kevin)
  • Lessons learned for the first iteration on Thursday (Team)
  • Inception and Elaboration phases for second iteration on Thursday (Team)


  • Discuss interim meeting attendance on Thursday (1 December), Tuesday (6 December), and Thursday (8 December) 4-6:30


  • One large PR authored by Bryon, who won’t be here at the end of the week
    • Finishing the PR by Wednesday so this won’t be an issue
  • Bad pacing in general
    • Assigned cards are due on Wednesday night