• User model (Bryon)
  • Group model (Kaleb)
  • Ticket Model (Kevin)
  • Basic wireframes (Kevin)
  • Work on RESTful routes (Iteration 2) (Team)
    • Currently PR’ing


  • Complete RESTful routes (and other tickets that have come up) by Monday (10/31)
  • Lessons learnt for Iteration 2
  • Begin to prepare for the interim presentation
  • Iterate on the wireframes based on feedback


  • Feedback on the wireframes
  • Presentation should be on 12/6 at 4:25, will get you more information on how to virtually attend as the date comes closer


  • Kevin will not be here this weekend
    • Will get his portion of the work completed before the weekend
    • Bryon is pairing on his card as well
  • Schedule is not set in stone for the upcoming iterations
    • Have a rough idea of what we want to do, will need to make sure to lay it out later this week