• Add Ticket CRUD routes (Kevin)
  • Add User CRUD routes (Jarryd)
  • Implement Travis CI (Bryon)
  • Add Device model (Bryon)
  • Reviewed presentation guidelines (Team)
  • Cleaned up test framework (Bryon)


  • Select a boilerplate react template and set up the barebones of the UI app (Kevin)
  • Finish group CRUD (Kaleb)
  • Research React/Redux (Jarryd, Kaleb, Bryon)
    • Create another sample app
  • Add method for creating relationships
    • Add users to a group (Bryon)
    • Add devices to a user (Jarryd)
    • Add group names to a user (Kaleb)
  • Iterate on the wireframes (Kevin)
    • Map wireframes to use cases
  • Add information to SE website (Kaleb)


  • Nothing


  • Delayed progress in work from the last iteration may cause blockers for this iteration
  • Plans for this week do not have strict acceptance criteria, so we’ll be relying on the 10 hour rule to get their work done
  • Equal contributions from all team members (senioritis, other priorities)
    • Midterm week # 2 (Kaleb, Kevin, Bryon)
  • Specialized team member gets too busy to help
    • Kevin is the React expert and we need to ensure he finishes his part quickly
  • Starting new parts of the project before pieces are ‘done done’
    • Group CRUD is not complete yet