• Group CRUD (Kaleb)
  • Made some changes to Travis and testing framework (Bryon)
  • Update wireframes (Kevin)
  • Device modification on user models (Jarryd)
  • React tutorial (Team)
  • UI Boilerplate and sample pages (Kevin)
  • Add wireframes and four up to website (Kaleb)


  • Finish cards #71 and #72 (Bryon/Kaleb)
  • Draft of presentation (Team)
  • Cards #80, 81 (Jarryd)
  • #83 (Kevin)
  • #82


  • Information on the email client that is currently used
  • Can you send us UI elaboration from the vendor workshop and internal discussion?


  • Consistently playing ‘catch up’ due to a slightly off iteration schedule
  • Priority cards assigned to members, and other cards will be picked up when a team member finishes another card
  • End of the semester is coming up, and the presentation is looming
  • Will complete the draft of the presentation this week