# Progress / Cumulative Review

The following list is requirements that are entirely completed.

Back end

  • Login and create an account
  • Can send notifications to people
  • Edit device information / Add device information
  • Remove user from group
  • Manually start pages

Front End

  • View groups
  • Edit devices / escalation policies


We have a list of remaining requirements, that we’ve prioritized based on what we think is the priority based on our understanding of the project. We’d like to go over this with you to see if we’re on the right track. We’ll plan the coming weeks based on this.

Our goal is to finish the MVP by 3/20, to leave time for usability testing, but we are giving ourselves a bit of a buffer.


  • Feedback on priorities (discuss this in meeting)


  • Ambitious goal for the MVP
    • 10 hour rule
    • Able to jump right back into coding, so there’s no missed time at the beginning of the semester
  • Bryon is still learning React/Redux
    • Will ‘apprentice’ under Kevin until he’s comfortable