• Backend
    • #107 PageLog Service complete with feedback from last meeting (Jarryd)
    • #119 View page logs history with filtering (Jarryd)
    • #120 Update tests to allow authentication (Kaleb)
  • Frontend
    • #110 Display all groups a user is a part of (Kevin)
    • #109 Login use case is complete (Kevin)
    • #113 View all users that are a part of a group (waiting on small change from BE for this to be done) (Bryon)


  • Backend
    • #120 Allow user to leave a group (Kaleb)
    • #119 PR review
    • #131 Edit permissions (role, ie make a group admin, etc)
  • Frontend
    • User profiles demoable (Kevin)
    • #130 Edit device information (Kevin)
    • #114 Sketch group page layout and functionality (Kevin & Bryon)
    • Add escalation policy to group page (Bryon)


  • What browsers are we supporting?
  • Feedback from demo


  • Card elaboration has been lacking, cards are not being fleshed out enough and we’re running into issues later on with requirements / wireframe expectations
    • Ensure that elaboration is done as a subteam for the next couple of weeks, so nothing slips through the cracks