RocReadaR : Project Plan


RocReadaR is currently an android app that lets users view digital media related to a specific piece of print media. A magazine page is scanned by the user using the app, and the app displays multi-media content based on the page. RocReadaR has many improvements planned, such as making the app on iOS and Windows, making it scalable to 30,000 total users, hosting the image recognizing in-house, improving analytics, making the app display different themes based on the publication, and other general improvements, such as a comment system and social media sharing.


The main goal for our team is to make RocReadaR an app and scalable service that can be used by publishers around Rochester by the end of the senior project. We plan on introducing a management portal system allowing multiple publishers to manage their own content and commenting rules. Additionally, we would like to host the image recognition technology in a scalable, cloud-based system.


Three separate applications will be developed. The first is the RocReadaR app, which will display the media to users who are reading the publications. The second application will be an online image recognition service, used by the RocReadaR app. The RocReadaR app will take pictures of physical pages in publications, upload them to this service, and the service will respond with media. The third will be a back-end management portal. Publishers will be able to use the portal to upload media that will be viewed on certain pages of their publications. Administrators of the RocReadaR team will be able to use the portal to manage publishers and other aspects of the application, like the online service.


Other than the project sponsors and the current RocReadaR development team, other major stakeholders include the publishers who will be publishing their content and the users who will be using the app. Usability is very important to the sponsors, as the app users will be looking for a streamlined experience. Publishers will be interested in application security, as well as customization of their content and the app. Additionally, publishers will need the service to be scalable and highly available. The RocReadaR team will also need the service and app to be maintainable and modifiable.

The project will be developed by the Rock Raiders senior project team over the course of the 2015-16 fall and spring semesters. Design and development will start in late September, and continue through the spring semester. As usability of the portal is an important quality attribute of the portal, user testing is planned for midway through development, in the second semester.



Goals and Scope

The RocReadaR project has multiple applications in its scope as it encompasses both the application itself, as well as the server infrastructure that supplies the content. In the following the scope of the entire project is discussed. Details of the scope of the senior project are in the Vision and Scope document.

Our team will address the content display and image recognition on the RocReadaR app. This will encompass working with the current team of the app to have it use new protocols developed on the recognition server. The RocReadaR app will send images of the publication the user is looking at to the recognition server and show the content returned from the recognition server.

The recognition server will be scalable to 30,000 users. It will provide a “version-able” endpoint (for different image recognition file types or techniques, such as “v1” and “v2”). The recognition server will respond to requests from the RocReadaR app with the media associated with image, if it is found.

The final application is the content management portal. The management portal will be a web portal for publishers to use to upload content for recognition, and content that is displayed on recognition. The server should retain analytics from the devices accessing it, to be later displayed on the portal for the publishers to view information about their publications, as well as some overall analytics for use by the RocReadaR team to improve on the application.

Scheduling and Estimates

(- in date column means we did not keep track of it at that time)

Imitate Project PlanStart the project plan document-08/27/1508/27/15
Project kick-offInitial meeting with coach and sponsors-09/01/1509/01/15
Setup Project WebsiteSetup project website with contact information, project synopsis first draft, and other pertinent information-09/08/1509/18/15
Setup 4-up ChartsPut 4-up charts on the project website-09/08/1509/08/15
Setup time trackingFind and set up a format for time tracking for the entire team-09/08/1509/08/15
Submit Project SynopsisFinalize the project synopsis and submit it to the sponsors and coach-09/15/201509/15/2015
Agree on requirementsMeet with sponsors to agree on requirements set-09/21/201509/15/2015
Define methodologyDecide on a methodology and model and document both, and the reason why, in the project and on the website-09/15/20159/17/2015
Project Plan First DraftFinish the first draft of the project plan, with risks and overall project schedule-09/22/201509/21/15
Project domain model draftFinish the project domain model showing the structure of the project and how it relates to the business-09/22/201509/21/15
Development methodology confirmedConfirm our development methodology and document it in our test plan-09/22/201509/21/15
Product/Process metrics confirmedConfirm our metrics and document them in the test plan-09/22/201509/28/15
Domain model finalized and submittedFinalize the domain model and go over it with the sponsor-09/29/1509/29/15
Project Plan ApprovedGo over the project plan with our sponsor and coach, and make sure it is approved-09/29/1509/29/15
Domain Model ApprovedGo over the domain model with our sponsor and coach and make sure it is approved-09/29/1509/29/15
Use Cases Completed (70%)Finish detailing at least 70% of use cases-10/12/1510/12/15
Publisher Portal Wireframe MockupFinish the wireframes of the publisher portal-10/12/1510/12/15
Source Control FinalizedFinish deciding on source control tools and make sure all members have access. Get a branching plan in place.-10/06/1510/12/15
Preliminary Architecture Draft

Start a draft of the architecture overview, and the deployment, module decomposition, and database diagrams

Finalize ArchitectureFinalize enough of the architecture diagrams to begin development-10/26/1510/26/15
Database Design Draft -10/26/1510/26/15
Milestone: Finish User ManagementFinish developing features that allow us to create and modify usersWinter Break02/09/201602/09/2016
Milestone: Finish Recognition Images uploadingFinish developing features that allow us to upload images of publication pages, and finish the conversion into wtc fileWinter Break02/16/201602/16/2016
Milestone: Finish Media UploadingFinish developing features that allow us to upload media linked to publication pages and save them on the server. Details of how they are linked is not necessary, just having them uploaded02/02/201602/23/201602/23/2016
Milestone: Finish movement of documentationFinish moving documentation from our Google Docs to Confluence02/02/201603/07/201602/23/2016
Mid-Term Peer EvaluationComplete the Mid-Term Peer Evaluation as required by Senior Project03/01/201603/09/201603/08/2016
Milestone: Finish Media Management WYSIWYGComplete the feature to allow us to link publication pages and media, by providing a simple drag and drop interface to create the details of how the media is displayed.03/01/201604/29/201603/08/2016

Milestone: Finish RocReadaR endpoint hookupFinish hooking up the recognition endpoint to the RocReadaR Android App02/16/201605/02/201603/08/2016
Create Usability Testing PlanCreate our usability testing plan with our sponsor. Testing should be done on the RocReadaR Portal with publishers and advertisers03/01/201603/08/201603/08/2016
Run Usability TestingRun our usability testing plan and collect the related data03/08/201605/06/201603/25/2016
Mid-Term Project Review with Sponsor and CoachMeet with our Sponsor and Coach to complete the Mid-Term Project Review as required by Senior Project03/14/201603/18/201603/18/2016
Milestone: Finish All Media ManagementFinish all features related to organization of publications, issues, and media associated with those issues03/08/201604/28/201603/29/2016
Milestone: Finish Metrics Tracking and ReportingFinish all features related to collecting and displaying metrics of publications and their views03/08/2016Not Met03/29/2016
Milestone: Finalize DocumentationFinish our documentation. Meet with other developers of the other RocReadaR teams to hand off the documentation03/29/201605/14/201605/14/2016
Run Load TestingRun load testing to determine the limits and costs of the RocReadaR recognition system03/29/2016Not Met04/12/2016
Incorporate Usability Testing ResultsIncorporate the results and suggestions from usability testing into the product03/29/201605/06/201604/12/2016
Create Project PosterCreate and present our project post as required by Senior Project04/05/201604/15/201604/15/2016
Create Technical ReportCreate and submit our technical report as required by Senior Project04/25/201605/09/201605/12/2016
Create PresentationCreate and rehearse our project final presentation as required by Senior Project04/25/201605/11/201605/12/2016
Final Reflection and Senior SurveyComplete the Senior Survey and meet with our Coach and Sponsor for final reflection05/16/201605/16/201605/16/2016


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v. 1 Feb 04, 2016 17:53 IAN SALITRYNSKI (RIT Student)