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RocReadaR is currently an android app that lets users view digital media related to a specific piece of print media. A magazine page is scanned by the user using the app, and the app displays multi-media content based on the page. RocReadaR has many improvements planned, such as making the app on iOS and Windows, making it scalable to 30,000 total users, hosting the image recognizing in-house, improving analytics, making the app display different themes based on the publication, and other general improvements, such as a comment system and social media sharing. 

The main goal for our team is to make RocReadaR an app and scalable service that can be used by publishers around Rochester by the end of the senior project. We plan on introducing a management portal system allowing multiple publishers to manage their own content and commenting rules. Additionally, we would like to host the image recognition technology in a scalable, cloud-based system. For portability, we will either re-write the base app to use Xamarin (or a similar service that allows for cross-platform development), or use a shared HTML5 and Javascript interface with multiple implementations for each platform.