Provided in the rocreadar_server repository is a script that will fully setup an Ubuntu 14.04 fresh installation with both the server and portal. It provides upstart services so starting and stopping is easy.

The script requires you to enter both a username and password (to clone opencv) and a cias-stash username and password to clone the repositories for rocreadar. After entering these, the script will fully deploy the machine it is running on.

The script needs to be made executable, and run with superuser privileges. It assumes that no packages it needs are installed and no repositories have been cloned.

chmod +x deploy
sudo ./deploy


sudo start rocreadarportal
sudo stop rocreadarportal
sudo start rocreadarserver
sudo stop rocreadarserver

When updating code through git, you will need to stop the running service, pull the up to date code, and start the service again.

Manual Deployment Flow

  1. Install dependencies
    1. git
    2. nodejs
    3. opencv
    4. build-essential (for compilers)
  2. Clone repositories
    1. rocreadar_portal
    2. rocreadar_server
  3. Install local node packages
    1. npm install (executed from rocreadar_portal and rocreadar_server/core)
    2. bower install (executed from rocreadar_portal )
  4. Generate the angular service file
    1. Angular Service File
  5. Create upstart services pointing to respective services

    1. `grunt serve` for portal

    2. `node .` for server

  6. Start services
    1. sudo start rocreadarportal
    2. sudo start rocreadarserver