This document is a high-level overview defining our testing strategy for RocReadaR, the management portal, and the recognition server. Its objective is to communicate project-wide quality standards and procedures. This document will address the different standards that will apply to the unit, integration and system testing of the systems.

Test Objective

The objective of the test plan is to find and report as many bugs as possible to improve the integrity of the three systems. Although exhaustive testing is not possible, we will exercise a broad range of test to achieve our goal. We will attempt to use a variety of test techniques to find the most bugs.

Tests will center around the following types:

  • Unit Tests
    • Unit Tests will help us find defects and keep code quality high.
  • Functional Tests
    • Functional tests, both manual and automated, are to find bugs by using the application. This is the primary method of testing.
  • Scalability Testing
    • This type of test will make sure the system performs even with:
      • Many users at the same time
      • Many publications and pages available
  • Usability Testing
    • Usability Testing will identify any other bugs and to make sure we meet the required usability requirements.