Meeting Minutes April 15, 2003 at 9:00 AM


Meeting Summary

  • We discussed the time log summary and determined that there are some mistakes in where time was being put as far as the packages they were put under. Jason will review these and make corrections for further time summaries.
  • Kevin would like all group members to look over the software requirements document again to be sure that we are not missing any of the requirements.
  • Kevin reminded us that even thought the time log summary says that we have 18.96 man days of slack time; we should not decrease our current rate of work. We should all try to step it up in the last 4 weeks remaining in the quarter.
  • Derrick would like to use a printf library for Java that he found to help in the coding of the batch job. This software costs around $20 and we need to discuss this with Jon Templin.
  • We discussed the packaging of the code within CVS and decided to move Derrick’s files out of his file structure and into the one the rest of the group is currently using.
  • Derrick needs assistance with the test plan and with developing test cases. Jessica will work on writing test procedures with Derrick.
  • Jason and Jessica will check with Kelly Wellman and Judy to find out the specifics on the IAB presentation location and what the dress code is.

Open Issues
Issue Description
Date Opened
Assigned To
Notify group and log changes to the data model 3/14/2003 Derrick Work in progress
Update interface table 3/14/2003 All Work in progress
Make a presentation to the Industrial Advisory Board 3/28/2003 Jason and Jessica Presentation is 4/18/2003
Attend poster workshop 4/1/2003 Jason and Jessica Workshop is 4/30/2003 from 4 - 6 PM
Review weekly time logs to reflect time actually spent on packages 4/1/2003 Jason Work in progress.
Document solutions to Resin problems 4/1/2003 Mike and Derrick Work in progress
Both websites need to be updated with the latest information and the SAD document needs to be added 4/1/2003 Mike
All group members should review the SRS 4/15/2003 All We need to be sure we are not missing any functionality.
How do we look up a bean from outside the server? 4/15/2003 Mike We will have this issue resolved by 4/18/2003


Project Schedule
Week 17 Beta Release
Week 18 Software Complete
Week 19 Conclude Testing
Week 20 Deliver Final Product, Presentation & Post Mortem
Color Denotes Deliverables