Meeting Minutes April 15, 2003 at 9:00 AM


Meeting Summary

  • This Friday April 25th, we will have a new build of the provisioning system available on our website.
  • The group discussed the need to creating a separate instance of the database for testing purposes that is separate from the system that will be available on our website.
  • A question was brought up regarding the need to validate the market ID. The market ID at the customer level must be validated against the market ID stored MSAG entries associated with a customerís locations. Derrick will check to make sure this is being done at the database level.
  • Kevin brought up a few problems that he and Mike had run into and notified Jon that the workarounds for these problems will be well documented.
  • Totals will be added to the minutes accumulated by all group members for each week on the time log summaries that are generated.
  • Kevin has created a new Issue and Bug Tracking table based off of Jasonís issue tracking sheet. All group members should review this sheet on a regular basis for any tasks opened and assigned to them to complete.
  • The issue of looking up a bean outside the server was resolved by Derrick.
  • Both of our websites need to be updated with the latest information. Mike and Jessica will handle this.
  • We went over the Test Plan and discussed issues that were brought up while it was under review. These issues will be resolved and a final version of the test plan will be submitted by Friday the 25th to be signed off on.
  • The project plan needs to be updated and Kevin will be doing this.
  • We discussed with Jon what his views on the aesthetics of the system were. Some of our group members would like to spend some time improving the aesthetics before the final delivery. Jon was more concerned about the functionality of the system rather than the aesthetics.
  • Derrick brought up the printf library and discussed the use and purchase of it with Jon. Jon had no problem with paying for the license to use it and suggested even purchasing the source code to go with it at some point.
  • As a general note Jon would like us to keep any receipts of expenses so that PaeTec could reimburse us for items purchased for the project.

Open Issues
Issue Description
Date Opened
Opening Person
Assigned To
Due Date
Notify group and log changes to the data model 3/14/2003 Jason Derrick   Continual
Update interface table 3/14/2003 Jason All   Continual
Review weekly time logs to reflect time actually spent on packages 4/1/2003 Jason Jason Every Sunday Continual
Document solutions to Resin problems 4/1/2003 Jason Mike and Derrick   Continual
Both websites need to be updated with the latest information and the SAD document needs to be added 4/1/2003 Jason Mike   Continual
Attend poster workshop 4/1/2003 Jason Kevin, Jason and Jessica 4/30/2003 Workshop is 4/30/2003 from 4 - 6 PM
All group members should review the SRS 4/15/2003 Jason All   We need to be sure we are not missing any functionality.
Make revisions to Test Plan as per Judy's requests. 4/22/2003 Kevin Derrick 4/25/2003  
Create Test Cases 4/20/2003 Kevin All 5/2/2003  


Project Schedule
Week 17 Beta Release
Week 18 Software Complete
Week 19 Conclude Testing
Week 20 Deliver Final Product, Presentation & Post Mortem
Color Denotes Deliverables