Meeting Minutes December 10, 2002 at 4:00 PM


Team Member Roles
We started the meeting by discussing team member roles and decided on the following:

  • Team Leader: Kevin Francis
  • Development Lead: Jessica St. Croix
  • Planning Lead: Jason Plaisted
  • Configuration Management: Mike O’Connor
  • Testing Lead: Derrick Hudson
Testing Tools
We talked over some potential testing tools and came up with a few that we would like to look into further. We will need to go over these with Jon Templin. J-Unit, Python, Puffin

Everyone should visit and download Resin; it is free for development.

Using container vs. bean-managed persistence. We need to discuss this with Jon at Thursday’s meeting.

Team Website
  • Do we want to be able to post files?
  • Should we use IIS and/or ASP?
  • Do we want a forum for Q/A?
Conceptual Design
We need a 1 paragraph description. It will be ready for next Thursday’s meeting (12/19/2002).

Team Name Ideas
  • Royal Flush Software
  • ???