Meeting Minutes February 04, 2003 at 4:00 PM



  • Everyone should update Prototypes and Requirements for Thursday.
  • Jessica will add the new project plan to the website.
  • Mike will check with Sanjay about web components on lab machines, and assess hardware needs for the project and report back to Jon.
  • Derrick will determine what is needed as far as test data and recommend our needs to Jon.
  • There will be a meeting for the development team on Friday at 1:00pm to work on SRS doc.
Meeting Summary
  • Went over changes to requirements.
  • Default for search pages is 25 results. This is a correction from the January 28th meeting minutes.
  • New requirements:
    • User shall go to a menu page after login with links to: find customer, search MSAG, change password, and add user account (admin only).
    • NPA NXX XXXX must be unique so that no 2 or more customers can have same TN in active, modified, or new state.
    • Pages need to be printable without cutting off any fields and/or text.
  • Went over changes to prototype screens.
  • Derrick provided an updated data flow model. Jon will look it over and get back to us Thursday on its validity.