Meeting Minutes January 7, 2003 at 4:00 PM


Action Items:


  • Set up Eclipse on your systems as soon as the CVS repository is created.

  • Make sure that we have a team account set up with a CVS repository and notify group members when these are ready.
  • Work on getting Resin set up.

  • All documents should be checked into CVS.
  • Create base requirements document.
  • Email Jon about Friday meeting with users of the current system.

  • We need to create a team website with the following pages:
    • Main project page with project description
    • Team members and contact info
    • Documents with creation date, date added, modification date
    • Meeting minutes

  • Send Jessica all previous meeting minutes for the website
  • Type up today’s meeting minutes (here they are ;-) )

  • Look into conversion of the C++ code to its equivalent in Java. It needs to behave in the same way it does currently.
  • Develop a flow / site diagram of the current website

Requirements Elicitation

Data Model
  • Pull out file extension of Markets table into parent_market
  • Can MK_FILE suffix be pulled out into a parent_market?
  • Do we want a description field in parent_market?
  • Should contact info be in parent_market?
  • We need to drop the Audit Trail table.
  • Need a customer table.
  • Can a customer be in multiple markets?
  • Can we tie EXT_TNS to MSAG data?
  • Pull address info out of EXT_TNS into a table called MSAG_ADD
  • Break List Of Values table into separate tables based on class type and state.

  • Can we combine beginning and end pairs of XXXX?
  • Can we create a dynamic table instead of having 24 entry lines hard coded?
  • LNP needs to be moved to table entries.

Search Tool
  • Do the users use multiple windows when searching in the current system?
  • Can we create a combined searching tool to do all of the required searches in the system?
  • Use a pop-up window for the search tool.
  • Need a way to tie the results of the search to user entry.
  • Do users use a remote desktop or is data transferred to their web browsers?