Meeting Minutes January 21, 2003 at 4:00 PM


Additional Stakeholder

  • Patty Magee - Application administrator in charge of data integrity
Global Requirements
  • All text that is entered into the system is UP-CASED.
  • MSAG addresses do not have periods.
  • Currently using Oracle v8 but migrating to v9.2. We should use 9.2 if possible.
Customer Data Entry Screen
  • A reset button should be added to return the entire form to the previous state.
  • Move submit buttons to a location where they look global to the page.
  • Any changes made to the screen must be committed upon submit.
MSAG Address and Community Names Search Screen
  • Change "Community" to "Community Prefix".
  • Center the searches on the screen.
  • Add scrolling feature to the results.
Customer Data Entry Screen
  • Customer ID can be null but if it is entered it must be unique.
  • Market: Not null, No restrictions, lookup table
  • Company: Not null, No restrictions, Uppercase
  • Service Type: Not null, No restrictions, Drop down, Lookup table
  • Service Class: Not null, No restrictions, Drop down, Lookup table
Location Rules
A: NPA A-I must be unique within a customer.
B: NXX C - E, and G can be null.
C: HouseNum F, H, and I can not be null.
D: HouseNumSfx MSAG match is a stored procedure.
E: StreetDir msag_address_ok( ) returns 0 if there is no match and greater than 0 if a match is found.
F: Street Usage: msag_address_ok(C,D,E,F,H,I )
G: Addl Loc Info Massage house number: 1) Removes non digit characters. 2) Determines odd or even or both.
H: Community Find all MSAG data: rows with matching E, F, H, I. For each row found, find where C falls between HiNum, LowNum plus odd/even matches.
I: State

Input Housenum MSAG Row Result
ODD O Match
ODD B Match
EVEN E Match
EVEN B Match

  • There needs to be a user login screen and ability to add users to the system.
  • Patty can create users
  • User's passwords should be encrypted somehow.
  • Should have a login screen rather than a pop-up window.
  • The user login may be discarded later or be integrated into another system.
Next Week
  • Jon will show the prototypes to users and get feedback from them. Hold off on changes to prototypes until then.
  • Tuesday we will prioritize requirements: High, Medium, Low.
  • Jon will check on what Resin package the company is using to see if they have a development version.