Meeting Minutes January 28, 2003 at 4:00 PM


Meeting Summary

  • Jon handed out a packet of prototype sketches to the team for our review. We went over the changes.
  • The team went through the list of requirements and wrote comments for the sections we did individually.
  • A new requirement was elicited for the search pages to include a dropdown to select the number of results starting from 25 in increments of 25 up to 100. The default will be 50.
  • Derrick brought up that it would be advantageous for testing purposes if we were able to port some existing data into our system once it is developed. Jon did not foresee a problem with this and is going to check on it and get back to us.
  • Derrick also inquired as to what version of Java we need to develop in. Jon is checking on this and will get back to us.
  • We need updates to the Prototypes and the Requirements document by Friday 1/31.
  • Kevin will organize the requirements by subsystem.
  • Our next meeting will be Tuesday 2/4/03 at 4pm.