Meeting Minutes March 10, 2003 at 4:00 PM


Meeting Summary

  • Discussed slides from our presentation during finals week of last quarter. Jon reviewed the slides and found no problems.
  • Went over the SAD document with Jon and noted changes that he wanted.
  • Professor Englert made the suggestion to use a requirements matrix to make sure that all of our architecture and design requirements are mapped to sections in the SAD. We will further discuss this at our next development team meeting. She also mentioned that we should have some type of risk sheet and an issue tracking sheet which she will send out to the group.
  • Jon would like the data model diagram to be laid out differently so that it is grouped more by functionality and all connection lines should be vertical or horizontal rather than diagonal.
  • Jon informed the group that he would be away on a conference the week of April 14th.
  • Professor Englert would like us to schedule our final presentations for the last week of class as soon as possible. Kevin said he will take care of this.