Meeting Minutes March 12, 2003 at 2:00 PM


Meeting Summary

  • Went over changes to SAD discussed in March 12th meeting and assigned people to take care of them.
  • The group discussed creating a requirements matrix mapping design and architecture requirements to their corresponding sections in the SAD. Mike O’Connor and Jason Plaisted will be completing this for Thursday.
  • A requirements matrix will also need to be done for the test plan as well.
  • The quality explanation needs to include information about the requirements matrix and Kevin Francis and Jessica St. Croix will handle this.
  • The group moved to the labs to work on these items.
  • Jason introduced a new log for the group to track time spent on working on the project. The time logs need to be completed on a weekly basis and need to be submitted to CVS by Saturdays at 6 PM for the next ten weeks.

Open Issues
Issue Description
Date Opened
Assigned To
Schedule final presentation meeting time. 3/10/2003 Kevin Need to discuss at next meeting with Jon.
Requirements matrix for test plan. 3/12/2003 Derrick Discuss during week 12.


Project Schedule
Week 9-10 Architecture & Design Document
Week 11 Begin Implementation
Week 13 Begin Unit Testing / Alpha Release
Week 17 Beta Release
Week 18 Software Complete
Week 19 Conclude Testing
Week 20 Deliver Final Product, Presentation & Post Mortem
Color Denotes Deliverables