Meeting Minutes March 25, 2003 at 8:00 AM


Meeting Summary

  • We started out the issue of how the AccountNumber is filled out in the Customers table. Jon restated something that most of the group forgot that the CustomerID in the Customers table is system generated and not filled in from the Customer Data Entry Screen. The Customer ID in the Customer Data Entry Screen fills in the AccountNumber in the Customers table. Appropriate changes to the code will be made.
  • We discussed times for our final project presentation. The group decided that Thursday May 15th from 10 am to 2 pm would be good and any time on Friday May 16th would be good. Judy is going to check on these times and let us know. She is also going to check to see if we can use the new auditorium in building 70 with the Xerox auditorium as a second choice.
  • We discussed the need to create a beta test plan based on our requirements. Derrick will be heading up this effort and will also be handling the test scripts for the batch job with Jon’s assistance. We decided that the data for testing should be input via SQL in order to speed up the testing process. We decided not to look into any automated testing tools due to our limited time.
  • Changes to the data model should be documented in a log so that the rest of the development team can see them. Derrick will do this as well as notify the development team any time changes are made.
  • We will further analyze the data collected in the time logs per Judy’s request to quantify our progress and be sure that we can complete the project on time. Kevin and Jason will be doing this.
  • We went over our team responsibilities again per Jon’s request.
  • Jon reminded the development team to stay in communication with him should any problems arise during the final 7 weeks of the project.
  • The development team will have the MSAG Search ready for Jon to inspect for next Tuesday’s morning meeting.

Open Issues
Issue Description
Date Opened
Assigned To
Schedule final presentation meeting time. 3/10/2003 Kevin Prof Englert is checking on this.
Requirements matrix for test plan and test scripts for the batch job. 3/12/2003 Derrick Create test plan.
Update interface tables. 3/14/2003 Jason Continuing this on an as needed basis.
Update Java Bean Interfaces. 3/14/2003 Jessica Need to go over interface changes.


Project Schedule
Week 13 Begin Unit Testing / Alpha Release, Test Plan
Week 17 Beta Release
Week 18 Software Complete
Week 19 Conclude Testing
Week 20 Deliver Final Product, Presentation & Post Mortem
Color Denotes Deliverables