Meeting Minutes May 6, 2003 at 8:00 AM


Meeting Summary

  • We discussed the email sent from Derrick to Jon as to the status of the problems. Derrick informed us that he had read Jon’s response and there were no further questions.
  • We went over the Time Log Summary and talked about our progress based on the man days worksheet
  • Code is for the most part complete with the exception of a few user account issues
  • John would like us to review the final results of the test cases by Tuesday of next week
  • We will remove the logoff link from the main menu
  • John would like us to document where the timeout parameter is located
  • We need to fix the problem with the web browser storing a cookie on the user’s machine
  • On the Location Data Entry page there needs to be a link back to the Customer Data Entry page via the customer name
  • On the Customer Data Entry page there needs to be a link to find customer
  • All pages should have a link to the main menu
  • Post requirement matrix and test cases on the web site
  • Add a “possible cause” field to the test report summary
  • John would like to see in the final test summary number of test cases executed, number of test cases planned, and number of bugs
  • John informed the group that he will be available for major problems on his cell phone at 261-0939

Project Schedule
Week 19 Conclude Testing
Week 20 Deliver Final Product, Presentation & Post Mortem
Color Denotes Deliverables