Dec 6 2007

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  • The following roles have been enumerated and were deemed necessary for the successful completion of the project:
    -Customer communication
    -Team Leader/Mediator/SCRUM Master
    -Document maintenance and editing (also responsible for weekly website updates)
    -Distribute maintenance of development tools among team members
    -Project planner/sprints
    -Requirements gathering/elicitation
    -Architects and designers
    -Distributed tool expertise among team members
    -Risk management
  • SCRUM may be a good process to follow. We may need to build prototypes and develop incrementally.
  • We can use AIM chat rooms for SCRUM meetings. The logs can be archived.
  • Came up with 'Visual Scrumware' as a possible team name.
  • The following tools have been enumerated and were deemed potentially necessary for the successful completion of the project:
    -Visual Studio
    -Visual Studio test suite
    -Office (no .x file formats)
    -MS Project
    -(Visual C# Express?)
  • After going over our strengths and weaknesses, we assigned each member preliminary roles and responsibilities:
    -Everyone is a developer
    -Brian -> Database manager, Project Planning
    -Rob -> Client Liaison, Test Lead
    -Mark -> Document Control, Scrum master
    -Joe -> Lead Architect, Project Planning
  • Tasks for next meeting
    -Mark will create website and post meeting minutes
    -Mark will set up a server
    -Rob will form an agenda for next meeting with client
    -Brian will ask about Oracle DB
    -Joe will crank out the project synopsis
    -Brian will begin working with MS Project
    -Rob will get in touch with system admin re. our team account, including door access to team rooms
    -Mark will provide URL of team website to Rob
    -All will record hours informally for effort tracking, Brian will revamp a previous spreadsheet to store them in
    -Rob will ask customer about project metrics that they need
  • Extraneous notes
    -May be able to score Oracle (Brian will look into it)
    -Need to use a visual studio product that lets us code in .NET 2.0

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