Dec 13 2007

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  • A list of questions and concerns was compiled for the customer, and will be sent out before the next meeting.
  • A good user manual should accompany the finished product. None of the team members have extensive experience writing user manuals, so any time estimates in regards to the user manual may be off.
  • Once we decide on a visual representation for the test case, we need to document every detail of the representation so that the product is maintainable. This representation description should be in both the design document and the user manual.
  • We can use UML activity diagrams as a starting point in developing our representation.
  • Hibernate may be a risk, since none of us have experience with it.
  • We will use MS excel to record and keep track of our individual times. These timesheets will be updated weekly and are downloadable from the 'Project Members' page.
  • Compiled a preliminary list of features. Rob will contact the client and ask them to rate their importance.
  • We have decided to keep track of the following metrics:
    -Defects per release
    -Time spent per module (individual and team time spent)
    -Estimation accuracy
  • We will have SCRUMs on Tuesdays and Thursdays during scheduled time, and one additional SCRUM on Saturday afternoons.
  • Tasks for next meeting
    -Start working on our project plan and working out sprints
    -Start developing a quality assurance plan
    -Set up CVS on project server. We are using our WS2k3 server because of it's vast hard disk.
    -Estimate how much time we need to spend on each project artifact (incl. learning new technologies)
    -Joe will compile list of XSD questions/concerns

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