Dec 18 2007

Project Synopsis
Meeting Notes
Project Members
Open Issues

  • Team should post team tracker spreadsheet on 'Project Members' page before end of the week
  • Desktops at customer's site have been updated with service pack 2. Original requirement of service pack 1 is no longer applicable
  • Visual Scrumware's understanding of project scope is essentially what the customer visualizes as well
  • User's of the product should be able to add UML-style comments to diagrams. On a scale of 1 to 5, this feature is classified between a 2 and 3 (1 being most important).
  • Tasks for next meeting:
    -Place team tracker spreadsheet up on scrumware page
    -Client will send us 2 or 3 sample test cases
    -Start project plan first draft, will be submitted by the end of the week
    -If we decide to use GDI+, outline its use as a risk

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May 23 2008