Feb 5 2008

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Open Issues

  • SRS signoff has been postponed. The client and Visual Scrumware still need to come to an agreement on the SRS.
  • The client will send an email with minor suggestions to the SRS. Once those changes are made, the document is considered approved.
  • SRS signoff and approval will be conducted via email.
  • A traceability matrix would be very beneficial for our test plan. Visual Scrumware plans to build a traceability matrix or note which test cases map to which requirements for their acceptance test plan.
  • For future telephone conferences, the client would like to see more prototypes and have more usability discussions.
  • Due to the NDA, not all artifacts are appropriate for display on the team's webpage. Running them by the client prior to posting them is the safest way to keep to the NDA.
  • A conference call for week 9 may not take place. Each party will communicate via email for that week.
  • No conference call will take place for week 10 since the team will be viewing and conducting project presentations.
  • Tasks for next meeting:
    -Finish SRS
    -Work on acceptance test plan
    -Continue development of prototypes

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May 23 2008