Feb 12 2008

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  • The client has reviewed the SRS and has made several suggestions. These suggestions were incorporated into a new revision of the document.
  • The file extensions .wtftc and .wtfts are acceptable for test cases and test suites, respectively.
  • There is an ambiguous area with respect to opening test cases via windows explorer. What screen is the first one displayed? Does it default to one tab or does it automatically navigate to the tab most recently used?
  • The relative ordering approach suggested by Visual Scrumware was accepted by the client. There is no possibility for overlapping lines, and reorganizing a sequence of transaction groups is performed by moving one transaction group above another. Connectors appear appropriately.
  • There should be an option to disable automatic validation.
  • The team needs to specify where auto-save temporary files are stored. This makes the auto-save requirement testable.
  • The client has requested redo functionality in addition to undo. The SRS has been modified appropriately.

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