Mar 11 2008

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  • Dan (our faculty coach) will not be here next week. The team will schedule a teleconference call using the SE facilities for next Tuesday.
  • With respect to the defects per module metric, a module is a grouping or collection of requirements directly copied from the SRS.
  • The website artifact section should display more artifacts that display project progress. Send any artifacts that may breach the NDA to the client for approval prior to posting them.
  • The client thinks that user surveys as a method of usability testing is acceptable. In the end, usability will be measured by how effectively user classes can accomplish their work. Usability for Webster Visualize will not be quantified based on how the end product looks.
  • The client has decided to let us focus on design activities rather than show release 1. Visual Scrumware will focus on design activities and deliver release 2 to the client as scheduled.
  • There will not be a formal signoff process for releases. Informal feedback from the client is all that is needed.
  • Tasks for next meeting:
    -Mark will put the end-of-quarter presentation up on the website and update all meeting notes.
    -(*Not Assigned*) The risk management document will be updated.
    -Rob will compile a list of dates when it would be beneficial for the client to travel to RIT.
    -Rob will talk to the SE department about snagging a conference room and phone for next week.
    -Mark will compile a list of modules based on our SRS.
    -Brian will create a slippage chart for the client.

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