Mar 18 2008

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  • Webster has provided useful feedback on our final prototype. The feedback will be incorporated and development for the user interface will start.
  • The client has opted out of receiving design documents until the project is complete.
  • A comment box was added to the visual editor. This comment box allows users to edit their diagram comments right next to the element that they are placed in. This functionality should not be expected for R2, but R3 or R4 should have it.
  • The client will attempt to travel to Rochester on April 1st.
  • Tasks for next meeting/week:
    -Brian will take over maintenance of the slippage chart and update the remaining months in the sprint schedule
    -Mark will track metrics and place the spreadsheets up on the artifacts page
    -Brian will work on sequence diagrams
    -Mark will update the final prototype with the client's feedback
    -Joe will work on R2 design
    -Rob will begin testing and using NUnit
    -Release 2 development will begin this weekend

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May 23 2008