Apr 15 2008

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  • Visual Scrumware negotiated away the Test Suite portion of Webster Visualize. It became apparent over the last few weeks that the team would not have enough time to build a quality product with that feature included. It was dropped, as it was deemed the least necessary feature to the client and did not pertain to the original project's goal of graphically editing test cases.
  • Our presentation time slot is the first half hour on the second week of presentations (4pm on May 13th).
  • In regards to the NDA, we can demo anything that we produce for this project. We cannot include any sample data or test cases that Webster has provided. The schema is acceptable as well.
  • Tasks for next meeting:
    -Modify project schedule to account for removal of test suite editor
    -When sending the client releases or files, send them to both his webster email and gmail addresses.

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May 23 2008