Apr 29 2008

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  • Webster will be provided with a beta release and a current bug report on Friday. They will use this beta release, test it out, and return feedback to the team.
  • Time is severely constrained. The client will evaluate the list of defects and select the most critical ones. The team will focus on fixing those defects over all others.
  • Webster Visualize will be delivered feature complete this week, and the rest of project efforts will be dedicated to fixing defects.
  • Many defects are centered around the inline XML editor. The client has downplayed the severity of those defects, as 90 percent of the target users will be using the graphical functionality only.
  • Tasks for next meeting:
    -Carlyle wants our current code and a bugzilla dump
    -Finish developing features. Webster Visualize must be feature complete.
    -Carlyle will pick up a copy of our poster CD when he attends the final presentation.

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