May 13 2008

Project Synopsis
Meeting Notes
Project Members
Open Issues

  • Sub-modifier defect was unclear to the client. It was demonstrated for them, and as a result it's severity has been downranked.
  • Code should be well commented when it is delivered.
  • Carlyle has requested that the team focus their efforts on fixing defects that may affect 80-90% of the target user's typical workflow and 95% of generated test cases. Any outliers can be pushed aside, unless time permits fixing them.
  • Final task list (Cleanup):
    -Make sure code has sufficient comments
    -Clean up NUnit automated tests
    -Create application installer and install guide
    -Fix critical defects as identified by Webster

    -Deliver product to Webster. Carlyle has requested the following project artifacts:
    -> Bugzilla defect dump
    -> Metrics/measurements information
    -> Current code (CVS export)
    -> User manual
    -> Project poster file
    -> Design documentation
    -> Presentation files
    -> Any other files the team would like to deliver

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