Incremental Approach

Team SHARP will use the incremental approach in order to build up functionality at each phase. Each increment will build on the functionality developed in the previous increment. We will have three release increments.

Increment 1: Rebuilding functionality Increment 1 will focus on analyzing the old project teams’ work in order to recreate their functionality using J2EE. This release will include:

  • Login/User management
    • Role based access
      User related meta-data
  • Submission, content management
    • Columns
      Letters to editor
      Call for papers
      Call for participation
  • Allow metadata entry
    • Title
      Digital identifiers
  • Notifications for:
    • Registration
      Password Reset
  • Review
    • Allows editors to review content
      Editors will be able to approve or reject content

Increment 2: Table Generation Increment 2 will focus on automatically generating parts of the newsletter. This increment will include:

  • Metadata extraxtion
    • Extracting necessary information for the tables
      Extracting author, title, affiliation, number of pages, etc.
  • Table of Papers generation
  • Table of Abstracts generation

Increment 3: Making work more efficient This release will focus on saving time for the users of the system. It will further improve on the table generation functionality as well as add additional functionality to automate making the newsletter. This release will include:

  • Enhanced automated generation
  • Composition of generated materials
  • Table of contents