Team Steam Room

Team Steam Room


We are to design a system for Software Engineering students who plan to use the SE team rooms. This system is for all students, staff, and faculty to reserve a team room instead of hoping for an available team room. The system will allow certain user classes to change the parameters that will govern how the properties of a reservation, how they are made and held. There will be views to allow admins to survey the availability of rooms as well as all current notifications. Our system will acknowledge greater privilege in some user groups allowing them preemption over others when creating reservations. This system is necessary as the usage of the team rooms have greatly increased over the last five years. Targeting mobile platforms with browsers, we hope users will be able to create reservations wherever they are with ease.

Team Members

Dennis Liang <>
Nicolas Weller <>
Daniel Moody <>
Mentor: Professor Larry Kiser <>


Project Plan

Requirements Document


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