Complete the following activity. Parts 1 and 2 may be completed at different times.

Part 1

Read the "Classic Mistakes" case study in Rapid Software Development - p29. Based on your group assignment (below) identify classic software development mistakes as defined by McConnell (see pp.40-49).

Groups Subject Area
1 and 5 People
2 and 6 Process
3 and 7 Product
4 and 8 Technology

Your group Classic Mistakes Part 1 Dropbox submission should include a list of each mistake within your assigned area and a brief description of each. Be sure to include all group member's names in your submission.

Part 2

New groups are to be created that are composed of a blend from each of the four dimensions (people, process, product and technology) listed above. The blended groups will meet, and:
  1. Each project dimension "expert" will share with the group their findings from their focus group.
  2. Each group will produce a brief summary that includes no more than 2-3 key mistakes from each of the project dimensions and any other interesting observations on the case study.
  3. Write a recommendation based on your analysis on how your group would have ran the project had you been in charge; be sure to address the common mistakes identified in #2.
  4. Describe any tradeoffs (for quality and cost) that would need to be made in support of your recommendations.
  5. Submit one document including your identified 2-3 key mistakes sets and analysis to the Classic Mistakes Part 2 Dropbox.
Be sure to include all group member's names in your submission.