State Metro System Project Plan

Your team will create a Software Development Plan (SDP) based on the following problem statement.

Problem Statement

Your local metro service has recently been re-evaluating and upgrading various components in their metro system. As part of this initiative, they have reached out to your team to redesign their current software. They hope to reduce employee training overhead and streamline their processes, resulting in higher employee productivity and overall better metro service to the public. They want a more robust system designed around their specific needs, as opposed to trying to make their current set up work for them. The new system must be user friendly and able to replace the current software set up in a consolidated, efficient manner.

Currently, there are different software systems for various metro system needs, each with specific hardware requirements and each requiring separate accounts and sign-on. This is extremely inconvenient for employees that fulfill multiple roles, and makes monthly metrics gathering lengthy and difficult. Management spends an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage and coordinate accounts, particularly during employee turnover, and the ramp up time for employee training is too long. The stand-alone systems themselves serve their functions well, but using the various systems together has been a struggle.

Finally, the current repair management system is extremely basic and does not provide all the features desired by the repair team and upper management. Employees commonly just log repair and inventory information by hand. Periodic inspections are completed and are loosely documented unless action needs to be taken.

The requirements for this system are given in the list below as desired features for the overall system. The list is neither exhaustive nor definitive. It is up to your team to develop a list of features that best fit scope of your application.

Potential Features

  1. Train Coordination
  2. Employee Management/Administration
  3. Ticket Purchasing
  4. Maintenance & Repair Management
  5. Dashboard View
Again, these are suggestions. Feel free to add to or modify these requirements based on the design of your system, research and your domain analysis. Your instructor may assist you and clarify if need be.

Key Components

The following are the key Components of a Software Development Plan:

A sufficiently complete, professional document for communicating information to software engineers and management needed to understand what the project entails, how it will be produced and controlled and what the effort and schedule estimates are for the project. The project risks, quality focus, and support needs are specified as well. For our exercise you will complete the following sections for both a Plan-Driven (RUP) and Agile (Scrum) methodology. The sections above remain the same regardless of process methodology.


See course schedule/DropBox for due dates. Some meeting time will be provided in class, but quality deliverables will require groups to meet independently as well.

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