The main project component of this course will involve groups with voluntary Project Managers.

Project Manager Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate team activities, meetings, and deliverables for the duration of the term starting approximately week 6
  2. Meet with the professor at the start or during class to discuss individual group dynamics/activities or Cross-PM coordination
  3. Meet with other Project Managers outside of class to conduct Cross-PM coordination
  4. Ensure that team deliverables reflect the available time, resources, and given scope

Project Manager Selection

  1. Early in the class, individual students should consider whether they would like to fulfill the role of Project Manager for the main group project that will start around week 6.
  2. Project Managers will be chosen on a first come-first serve basis around week 6. The position is voluntary, but once a student has committed to the role, he or she must follow through to the end of the semester.

Cross-PM Coordination

Because each group will be presenting similar material, Project Managers will have the opportunity to differentiate their group project presentations. This will be achieved by meeting and coordinating with other PM's at least twice during the term. Areas of division could include emphasizing differences between groups, presenting separate parts, or focusing on individual subject areas, such as risks, methodology, etc. One of the PM's should also report back to the professor with meeting results and differentiation strategies.

Project Manager Deliverables