Complete the following individual and group activities.


As an individual, complete the following questions:
  1. Complete the Myers-Briggs Personality Test
  2. Record the results by creating a screenshot or copying and pasting into a document
  3. Upload your individual results into the appropriate Dropbox in MyCourses
  4. Review the Facilitating Communication article, available in the Resources section of MyCourses


Meet with your group and, as a group, answer the following questions in order:
  1. What would the makeup (in terms of Myers-Briggs) of the ideal Software Engineering team consist of?
  2. Compare your indicator numbers. Are they what you expected? Any surprises?
  3. Look at the Kinds of Teams in Chapter 13 of the Rapid Development Textbook. Which kind might be most compatible with your group based on your Myers-Briggs results?
  4. Look at the Classic Mistakes in Chapter 3.3 of the Rapid Development Textbook. Which ones might your team or team members be prone to?
  5. If someone in your team has different numbers, how can they help avoid those mistakes? If not, which personality type might you seek to add to your team? Which mistakes may they be prone to?