Team Tour de Force

We're making a mobile app for bicyclists.

The Adventure Cycling Association inspires and empowers people to travel by bicycle. Last year a software team started work on the Bicycle Touring Digital Companion (BTDC) focused on providing crowdsourced service information that is created by and dedicated to the traveling cyclist. They also worked on growing the United States Bicycle Route System (USBRS) by allowing users to build up a service directory along the routes for future riders.

While this was a great start, it is now time to grow and expand the application into a polished cross-platform piece of software. This year our users will be able to use the Android app to view USBRS routes while also adding and filtering services and alerts. In order to reach a larger market, an iOS version will also be implemented. This will allow cyclists to perform all of the same actions regardless of what cell phone they have. Lastly, our users will be able to use the new desktop version of the software to research routes and add services via a web browser. This site will also contain an admin portal where the Adventure Cycling Association can view, edit and remove flagged data. These tools will come together into one platform, designed to inspire more people to travel by bicycle.
A 2016-2017 Rochester Institute of Technology Software Engineering Senior Project
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