About Team Venture

Alec Lieberman

I am excited to work on this project because it will allow me to possibly explore new technologies like mongo DB, different types of JS frameworks for web UIs, integrating a system with various project management systems, and just developing an open source project subscription system in general. It will allow me to put to use all the skills and techniques I've learned in my classes and co-ops to the test.

Chanel Matlock

I'm excited to work on this project because we'll be working on a project from start to finish with a set methodology. Having started and finished projects in class (with little regard to process) and following SCRUM at a co op (while completing small projects), combining the two will be a good experience. Not to mention, I look forward to working with my team and collaborating with your team for the next year.

Samantha Shandrow

I am looking forward to working on this project to be able to work with a team from requirements gathering stage to delivery. I am also looking forward to contributing to an open source project that will hopefully be useful to many people once this is done.

Stephen Yingling

The main reason I'm excited to work on this project is that it will be a great chance to work on a project from it's inception to a "finished" product. Most of my other experiences I've either worked on just the up front activities in a project's life cycle (requirements gathering, architecture drafting) or worked primarily on the implementation and maintenance. Thus, I think this will be a great opportunity to experience all aspects of the project life cycle in one project.