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About Trillium Health
  • Day Health Manager

    The Trillium Health Day Health Manager is a system primarily used to assist Day Health staff in the tracking and care of patients in their Day Health program by multiple means. The most important assistive activity the system provides is to digitize what are currently physical artifacts such as patient assessments, care plans, and patient sign in/outs.

  • Multi-Purpose Management

    As an improvement to the current physical workflow, the system will automate tracking of individuals through the program. In addition, the system will assist the staff in clerical duties such as billing, report generation, overseeing compliance with patients care plans, and providing tools to assist in the case of an audit.

  • Enterprise Applications

    The system will accomplish these goals through the implementation of a desktop interface, database, and mobile application. The desktop application will assist the Day Health staff in the creation and retrieval of their electronic medical records, billing, and report generation. The database will persistently track the status of the individuals enrolled in their program, and the mobile application will assist patients with signing in and out.

Calvin D'Rozario

Web Coordinator


Daniel Hudy

Customer& Applications Coordinator


Eric Majchrzak

Database Coordinator


Karen Snavely

Testing Coordinator


Peter Butler

Project Coordinator


Zachary Nielsen

Design & Applications Coordinator


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