What is a Reconnaissance Mission Debrief System?

The UTC Aerospace Systems ISR Systems division develops and supports a variety of airborne imaging reconnaissance systems. Not all reconnaissance missions are successful and improper data may be gathered due to pod faults, user error, or other factors. Upon an aircraft landing, gathered data is analyzed by a ground exploitation system. However, the only troubleshooting tools available act at a low level, take too much time to use, and require highly trained technical personnel.

The Reconnaissance Mission Debrief System (RMDS) will support timely post-flight mission deconstruction and analysis by helping the operator determine the cause of task, system, and mission failures. It will be used as a diagnostic tool both internally and in the field, as a pilot training aid, and for ground support.

RMDS will be a graphic application which runs on COTS hardware and allows the mission to be browsed chronologically. It shall display information such as avionics, sensor data, engineering data, and operator annotations synchronized to the time record of the mission. Data may be filtered, searched, exported, or summarized into a printable report, and the RMDS as a whole shall be architected to support future expansion of analysis techniques and filters.

Who's working on it?

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