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ITS Systems Management Graphical Report Maker


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RIT ITS Systems Management is responsible for the generation of real time data, historical data, graphs plus reports on the capacity, availability and responsiveness of ITS supported services. This data is used to show ITS systems performance to customers, support staff and RIT leadership to assist  in making technical and business related decisions. Currently ITS utilizes many commercial off the shelf (COTS) products to perform these tasks and even though these tools are adequate for technical and engineering staff use, they lack ability to show system wide status and performance in a method deliverable to end-users and management.


The goal of this project is to develop a toolset to allow end-users to create a report containing self-selected data elements and presenting them in the manner the user sees fit. The project will extract data from the database and analyze the data using appropriate statistical libraries and graphing the results against appropriate variables and publishing the results into a file and/or the web.


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Documents - Documents produced from the project.

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About ITS - Description of ITS and link to ITS webpage.

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