Tioga Tae Kwon Do - Student Management System

Project Synopsis

The Tioga Tae Kwon Do studio has switched to digital records for membership and attendance within the last few years. Previously the studio had worked with a senior project group to create a software solution to track membership and attendance. The last implementation did not meet all of the sponsor'''s requirements, and he has started a second senior project in which he wants a new system built from the ground up, that will meet all of his requirements. The Tioga Tae Kwon Do studio has over 200 members, the primary goals of the system are to collect member information and collect member attendance. The system will be a web application that must run on a contained local network and the web application must be tablet accessible.

The Team

Andrew Deckajd4223(at)rit.edu5th Year Software Engineering Student
Andrew Vogleraxv3658(at)rit.edu5th Year Software Engineering Student
Curtis Calicac4487(at)rit.edu5th Year Software Engineering Student
Mike Washburnmdw7326(at)rit.edu5th Year Software Engineering Student
Nick Corialenjc3006(at)rit.edu5th Year Software Engineering Student