Many of the latest generation of mobile phones and PDA devices are equipped with digital cameras. Kodak has embraced the Bluetooth standard of wireless peer-to-peer data transfer protocols in their Picture Maker kiosks. The kiosks allow customers to purchase prints of pictures stored on virtually any Bluetooth enabled device. The latest generation of mobile devices implement the Object Push Profile (OPP), the File Transfer Profile (FTP), and the Basic Printing Profile (BPP), as methods for transferring data from Bluetooth enabled mobile devices.

The goal of this project is to enable Kodak Picture Maker kiosks to print from mobile devices that utilize these session layer profiles. At minimum, the delivered solution must handle all mandatory message types and transfer modes indicated by the OPP, FTP, and BPP, and be capable of retrieving an image file using any of these profiles. If feasible, given the time and resource constraints, XHTML page layout functionality will be implemented.