Agenda Items:

• Team Name - Think of this over the weekend, we need to email it to

Hawker and Vallino – We’re pixelink

• OBEX – We need a BPP enabled device to figure this out.
• Team roles – Kyle is Kodak liaison, Lorien is coordinator
• Kodak field trip – We’ll go on Tuesday, Kyle will email them
• Website

Things that Dr. Vallino said:

• We can write the project synopsis now with the limited information we have. This synopsis will be approved by Kodak and professor Vallino and then posted on the department Senior Project website.
• Website – we will get our web space next week
• Team roles – we need a team coordinator and a main contact for Kodak communication.
• Task list – we need to keep an ongoing list of project tasks and who they are assigned to. This list will be reviewed and updated each week. It needs to be really clear what each person’s responsibilities are and we all need to be aware of what each member of the team is doing all the time (this came directly from Vallino).

Website content:

• Meeting minutes
• Process docs
• Synopsis, team name

Things to do:

• Finish the synopsis by Tuesday’s meeting
• Create project plan
• Create task list