Meeting Minutes for Tuesday 01/20/05

Topics discussed:

  • Went over the BPP and FTP drafts of the SRS document

  • Decided to have the APIs given by Kodak in the appendix of the SRS

  • The team has to come up with a standard format for the SRS

  • The team needs a document convention for specifying if a requirement is mandatory, optional, required by Kodak, etc

  • The following questions arouse from the requirements review:

    • Once a session is close, does the kiosk delete all the pictures?

    • Does the kiosk keep track of previous sessions?

    • What determines what's a valid image?

    • Should the server be able to recieve a whole folder from the client?

  • Next meeting on Sunday (Rescheduled to Monday at 4pm due to weather conditions)

Action item:

  • Read the specs before the next meeting